In today’s fast-paced world, creating a warm and welcoming home has never been more important. 
Our homes serve as our sanctuary, a place where we can relax, recharge, and connect with our loved ones.

The Refuge consists of a contemporary interpretation of traditional refuges that ensures a complete reconnection with yourself and with nature. A space where you can live the essence of the human being.

Refuge aims to strike a balance between sustainability and design. This design can operate independently or include an optional annex, the Satellite.

Concept design by


3 people

Surface (Built) / Terrace:

28 / 18m2

Interior gross volume:


Gross size (roof eaves, incl.):

6,90m x 9,60m x (h) 5,60m

Gross floor plan surface:

26 m2

Floor plan size:

4,80m x 7,55m

*Excluding the outdoor deck, the size of which may vary according to the client’s site.

On-grid base unit from 84,000€ + VAT


Refuge shows a classic aesthetic reminiscent of Nordic architecture characterized by simplicity and minimalism, natural materials, integration with nature, and maximizing the use of light.

Our shelter is characterized by its iconic sloping roof that hosts panels that generate electricity and hot water and allow the drainage of rain and snow. The tall glass facade makes the house bright and spacious.
The use of warm materials characterizes our Refuge. We use natural woods that create a cozy and distinctive atmosphere where you can feel at home.
One of the most attractive aspects of Refuge is the enormous floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which allow you to live in contact with nature and maximize views of the magical landscape.


Refuge inspiration is also reflected in the interior. A Refuge in which to relax, savor little things and having direct contact with nature. All in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Do you know how some homes feel so warm and inviting, and you just want to stay a little longer? We want to transform Refuge into a warm and welcoming place. For that, we build using Spruce Plywood, a high-quality, lightweight, and versatile panel.
Inside the cabin, the pale wood could be left bare to create a minimalist yet cozy backdrop because less is more.
Lighting is another crucial element in the Refuge design. Not only does it enhance our mood and overall happiness, but it also creates a sense of belonging.
The kitchen also uses warm materials such as wood, which helps maintain the essence of Refuge in all its parts.
The bathroom includes a white Ruban floating toilet, and the shower, sinks, and faucets are customizable. Discover all the options with our configurator.
A deck runs around the external perimeter of the cabin, providing its occupants with a place to enjoy the weather.  Decks are a fantastic gathering place and an excellent choice if you enjoy entertaining family and friends. They provide a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the outdoors.
A fireplace will brighten your winter experience and provide countless hours of enjoyment. The warmth, the flames, the relaxation, the sound of creaking wood. A total experience. You can choose the indoor one too.

The Refuge is designed to encourage off-grid living that further facilitates balance and communication with nature. This pack makes your Refuge 100% autonomous.

The pack includes batteries, a kitchen, solar panels, a petrol generator, a water tank, a U.V. disinfection system, a septic tank, and a heat pump.

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